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Culburra Beach Retreat.

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Thursday August 24 – Sunday August 27

Would you like to escape the mountains winter with a short escape down the coast?

Join Linda & Vicki on a wonderful 3-day yoga retreat at Culburra Beach (near Nowra) on the South Coast. Culburra Beach is a pleasant 2 and a half hour drive from Springwood.

Enjoy energising and restorative yoga and pranayama, invigorating walks and swims at the beach, delicious and nutritious vegetarian food (with vegan options), evening sound meditation, and other fun activities.

Cost (including yoga, food and accommodation) ...

$600 – twin share, shared bathroom

$650 – single room, shared bathroom

$700 – single room with ensuite

Here's an insight into the retreat experience from students on previous retreats ...

'I catch the ferry and leave the busy-ness of life behind. There is anticipation and a chance to unwind like the river. After settling in there is yoga and an evening meal - both are light, healthy and generous - a taste of things to come. Next morning, I awake to the sounds of nature, it's still dark and it is time for morning Pranayama. Breakfast becomes a time to experience the quietness of the morning and the opportunity to reflect inwards. As the energy of the day rises there is a challenging yoga class and then time to enjoy an afternoon to explore and be with good company. Lastly, an evening restorative class that allows the body and mind to let go. As night time comes it feels right to sleep and become ready for the next day.'

– Glynn H.

'Yoga is for everyone – said to connect body, mind and soul. If you want to energise, require rest, peace…. Hard work or not! Everyone has a reason to attend a Yoga Retreat A short escape, a time to deepen my practice. To reflect and focus. A supportive environment to connect myself. To immerse myself in Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. Would I recommend it? YES! Amazing food and an incredible opportunity to connect with like minded people and teachers. A much needed experience that returns one at peace, rested, balanced and energised.'

– karen K.

'As a participant in last year’s get away, I can honestly say that the Yanada Retreat offers cosy accommodation, terrific yoga facilities, beautiful surrounds and wonderful amenities. Great food and warm companionship rounded out the entire experience! Everything was catered for, we wanted for nothing, and I learned so much about myself and newly befriended others – a valuable experience, indeed.'

– Tania G.

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