Linda Rowntree

I did my first Iyengar yoga class in 1987 in Manchester, UK. I remember walking out of that class with a feeling of lightness, which was the effect of a physical and emotional connected practice - this I only realised much later on!

I have been teaching for 20 years and I am the owner/manager of the Springwood Yoga Studio. I have been to Pune, India on several occasions to study at the Iyengar Yoga Institute and also attend conventions and workshops with Senior teachers regularly.

Yoga helps me to balance what might be happening emotionally or physically in my life. It is a very nurturing practice that I wish to share with others.

Chia Moan

I started yoga because of an injury - and the advice of a helpful osteopath who told me I could either continue to see him for a weekly treatment or go to an Iyengar teacher and get over it. I have been practicing Iyengar yoga since 1990 when I took that advice. 

In Sydney I began teacher training with Pixie Lillas in 2002 and achieved my 2nd level certificate in 2005. 

Over the years yoga has become much more than I ever imagined it would be: the practice has sustained and changed me at a deep level. Having a practice allows me to know how I am each day and to be able to manage my energy. I love the word practice because it makes it clear that there is no "there"... you do, however, become what you practice.

Vicki Parivrtta trikonasana cropped.jpg
Vicki McAuley

Many years ago, a friend of my husband dragged us along to a yoga class. I haven’t looked back. Yoga has become many things to me – most importantly it became my lifeline when my husband died. And since yoga has been so beneficial for me, physically and emotionally, I decided I wanted to be able to pass the gift of yoga on to others.

Thus it was that I began my journey of teacher training with Lulu Bull in 2010. I have been fortunate to study in India with the Iyengar family. As a certified teacher, my yogic journey of learning and enrichment continues to grow.

I had a total hip replacement 6 years ago. Working with the injury and subsequent rehabilitation after surgery has considerably deepened my understanding of the immeasurable benefits of yoga.

Glyn Hubbard

I began Yoga at the age of 45 when I decided that it would be good to try something that would be beneficial for my general health and flexibility. Previous to this I had been playing soccer and had become increasingly aware of the list of injuries and time needed to recover.

From the beginning I was surprised to find that it was totally up to me to take on board what was being taught and I could do it at my own pace and without any expectation.

The benefits from what was being offered far surpassed my initial expectation and it soon became a place where I could find sanctuary from whatever pressures and stresses that life happened to throw at me.

I remain forever grateful to my teachers and am still wide eyed at the benefits that Yoga has opened up. It is my hope to pass on some of its teachings to others.

Sam Grundy.jpg
Sam Grundy

I moved to Springwood in 1994. I first started yoga in 1990 at Westmead when doing my Nursing training. Whilst Nursing I had a back injury and used yoga to help me recover.   Since moving to Springwood, I have attended the springwood studio since 1994 with Tamara, Ben and Linda. During my nursing career I have done paediatric nursing, theatre nursing and was Karitane trained. I recently completed my diploma of Yoga. I love working with kids, so naturally I have done further training in Kid’s yoga. I enjoy the honesty and fun nature of kids, I hope to watch them grow into strong confident people, and I also enjoy being a kid at heart.