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Women's Workshop 2014

This workshop was very timely for me having some menstrual health problems to address. Through yoga poses and naturopathic advice we learned how to balance our energy, mood and hormones, whether pre-menstrual, post-menopausal or anything in between. It was a revelation to learn that we could use different yoga poses at different stages of a menstrual cycle.

How lovely to spend a whole weekend doing mostly restorative types of poses, talking about what stresses and what rejuvenates us, discussing nutrition and eating a yummy vegan lunch on Sunday.

As women often devote so much time and energy to families, jobs and others, it was great to be reminded to listen to our bodies and to take stock of our lifestyles. I am now seeing one of the Naturopaths for treatment and advice and my health has improved already.

Helen’s manual of poses and practice notes has become my little bible and I am now managing some yoga most days – even in a quiet corner of my gym!

Thank you to Helen, Emily, Kay, Sid and participants for a highly relaxing, enjoyable and informative workshop.

- Kathleen MacDonald 

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